ABout Us

Big data is currently The Big Thing.
We’ve decided to learn more about it, and I’m sure others would also like to know more about it.
This site attempts to present the most important articles related to Big Data and it’s tools, that are published all over the internet, so that we all can learn together.
The articles presented here belong to their respective authors, we just list them in an easy-to-reach way. We may, on occasion, comment on an article, or publish one we wrote ourselves, but the rule still applies – Content belongs to it’s authors. For that purpose we provide a link to the original (or what we believe to be the original) publication.

Despite our best intentions, we’re sure to make mistakes, either by incorrectly referring to some sources, or by ignoring others. We apologize in advance, and we ask that if you notice any mistake, or omission, please let us know using the form below. The same goes for any suggestions or implementation ideas. We’re always open to those :)