Enabling Apache Hadoop on GlusterFS: glusterfs-hadoop 2.1 released


The Gluster community is pleased to announce a major update to the glusterfs-hadoop project with the release of version 2.1. The glusterfs-hadoop project provides an Apache licensed Hadoop FileSystem plugin which enables Apache Hadoop 1.x and 2.x to run directly on top of GlusterFS. This release includes a re-architected plugin which now extends existing functionality within Hadoop to run on local and POSIX File Systems.

Apache Hadoop has a pluggable FileSystem Architecture. This means that if you have a filesystem or object store that you would like to use with Hadoop, you can create a Hadoop FileSystem plugin for it which will act as a mediator between the generic Hadoop FileSystem interface and your filesystem of choice. A popular example would be that over a million Hadoop clusters are spun up on Amazon every year, a lot of which use Amazon S3 as the Hadoop FileSystem.  […]