EnterpriseDB Says JSON Toolkit Nixes NoSQL Drawbacks

Source: EnterpriseDB

NoSQL databases start out easy, but you’ll later struggle with data logic, says EnterpriseDB. JSON toolkit promises best of NoSQL and RDBMS.

EnterpriseDB on Tuesday introduced a free developer kit on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for building NoSQL-style, Web 2.0 applications without the drawbacks of using a NoSQL database.

EnterpriseDB provides software, support, and Oracle-compatible database functionality based on the open source Postgres relational database management system (RDBMS). The vendor’s new Postgres Extended Datatype Developer Kit makes it easier for developers to use Postgres for the kinds of applications that are routinely built with NoSQL products, according to the company. Postgres already supported key-value stores and sparse tables, but the toolkit takes advantage of JSON-data-handling capabilities recently expanded to include binary JSON B, making it possible to support document databases. […]