Ethernet Interfaces Transform Object Storage

New direct Ethernet interfaces for object-oriented storage will change the rules of storage, allowing for large performance gains.

The idea of direct Ethernet drive interfaces dates back to at least 2001, although very little interest was generated among the very conservative storage clientele. A product platform using this technology finally arrived just a few months ago, and it may end up being one of the profound game-changers in the industry.

At its simplest, the new interface means a lower-cost solution for small network-attached storage and backup appliances in the SMB sector of the market. This will alleviate the need for controllers and multi-drive boxes, likely replacing them with single external drives that connect directly to the LAN. With Ethernet comes a simple object interface called Kinetic that acknowledges that disk drives generally follow a write-once operation mode, and don’t erase data often. (Seagate Technology¬†launched the Kinetic Open Storage Platform in October.)¬† […]