How to Stream Internet of Things Data into Splunk in Ten Easy Steps!

Inspired by Discovered Intelligence’s blog post “How to Stream Twitter into Splunk in 10 Simple Steps” last week, I began thinking about a simple Internet of Things example where we could demonstrate an easy integration of IoT platforms and data into Splunk that everyone could access. There are plenty of great examples of Internet of Things services we could poll with the REST modular input, but for this example we will be building a quick integration with LogMeIn’s Xively service using their “Test Drive” tutorial.

This walkthrough assumes you have a working install of Splunk 6 and have installed the REST API Modular Input App. If not, please follow the links and you should be up and running in no time.

Xively’s Test Drive tutorial is advertised as “a 5 minute tutorial to get familiar with all the basics from connecting one device to building interconnected systems and apps”. I can’t really argue with that based on my experience. So here it is, connecting Splunk to Xively’s Internet of Things Platform in 10 Simple Steps! […]