ScaleOut hServer® Achieves Hortonworks Certification


ScaleOut joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program and has recently achieved Hortonworks Certified status for ScaleOut hServer. ScaleOut Software is a pioneer in in-memory data grid software and the ScaleOut hServer can be installed directly on Hadoop nodes and runs in-memory. In this guest blog, William Bain, Founder and CEO, talks about certification and a use case.

Recently, ScaleOut Software announced technical certification of its ScaleOut hServer® product on Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1. With this integration Hortonworks users can run both batch and operational data analysis within the same Hadoop environment. Called “operational intelligence,” ScaleOut’s technology enables Hortonworks users to perform continuous MapReduce in real time on live, in-memory data within their Hadoop deployments and integrate it with their ongoing business intelligence. This creates significant new opportunities for extending data analytics to handle fast-changing data in diverse sectors including retail, financial services, media, manufacturing, transportation, and e-commerce. It also offers cost savings by leveraging Hadoop skill sets for both business and operational intelligence.