Software-Defined Storage: How To Pick The Right Flavor

The number of storage vendors that claim to be software-defined is reaching epidemic proportions. But the actual software-defined part of storage leaves a lot of room for interpretation. After all, most storage vendors utilize software to deliver most, if not all, of the storage features they provide to customers. Those customers are having a difficult time sorting out what is truly software-defined and what is simply a retread of an older technology.

At Storage Switzerland, we define software-defined storage (SDS) as the abstraction of storage services from the physical storage hardware. That’s it. But I believe in keeping definitions simple. Adding more specifics to the definition typically means adding features that are exclusive to one vendor or another.

Admittedly, that definition also provides room for interpretation. I believe that SDS, like cloud storage, is one of those categories in which a lot of products can claim some form of membership. However, that shouldn’t cause problems for you as an IT professional, as long as you stay focused on the problems you’re trying to solve and look for a tool that solves those problems. […]